Hi, my name is Jason Wilkinson

I'm not a ninja, a rock star or a guru...

But I am a web developer, technologist and artist. I've been helping people succeed online for over twenty years.

My client roster includes entrepreneurs, businesses and organizations of all types and sizes. Many are leaders in their field and the best at what they do. I support my clients by helping them make the most of technology. We work together to sell things, say things and improve processes.

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What I Do

I Listen

All projects begin with a thorough discussion of your goals. This dialogue continues throughout your project's development.

Some clients know exactly what they need while others barely having a drawing on a cocktail napkin.

Bring me anything you have, I will handle it with dedication and enthusiasm.

I Learn

Once I understand what you're trying to accomplish, I begin to research your industry.

I look at your competitors and colleagues. What is working for them? How can we really stand out?

In the end, sites that do the best are the best. We need to understand what that means.

A vision begins to develop as we continue to refine our strategy.

I Discover

With the key strategies in place, it's time for a fresh perspective. We begin to develop new ideas and find missed opportunities.

What can we learn from other industries? What can we do for your visitors that nobody else is doing?

Is a web site enough to reach your goals or would other types of media be helpful, too?

I Create

When the research and discovery phases are complete, I write a project brief that clearly defines the scope and timeline of your project.

A development server is set up where you can watch your site come together and offer feedback.

The finished project is attractive and functional — you're proud of our work and you can't wait to tell the world about it.

Latest Projects

A Selection of eCommerce Sites, Brochure Sites & Custom Web Applications

Jonathan Lockwood - Voice Actor


Personal Branding, Content Marketing, Lead Generation

Project features

Mobile Friendly, Social Media Sharing, Audio Files, Custom Backend

My Role

Web Development, Database Development, Content Strategy, Photography, Graphic Design

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Bangor Wholesale Laminates

Project features

Mobile Friendly, Custom Backend

My Role

Web Development, Database Development, Content Strategy, Photography, Graphic Design

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Nadeau Land Surveys


Company Brochure, Content Marketing, Mailing List Building, Lead Generation

Project features

Mobile Friendly, Inquiry Forms, Custom Backend

My Role

Web Development, Database Development, Logo Design, Branding

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Dr. Martin Rosen - Chiropractic Educator


eCommerce, eLearning, Content Marketing, Mailing List Building

Project features

Mobile Friendly, Streaming Video, Shopping Cart, Custom Backend, Account Management, Stripe API

My Role

Web Development, Database Development, Graphic Design, Branding

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Search Singer


Solr Search Engine, Amazon Web Services, Inventory Control

Project features

Custom Solr Search Engine, Data Processing

My Role

AWS Configuration, Search Engine Configuration, Database Development, User Interface Design

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The Fossil Record


Content Aggregator, Publishing Platform

Project features

Custom Backend, RSS Feed Publishing, Rapid Image Categorizing

My Role

Web Development, Database Development, Content Strategy and Creation, Graphic Design

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My Development Stack

An Overview Of The Tools and Technologies I Use

Main Tools

Linux, Laravel, Apache, Git, PHP Storm

Programming Languages and Databases

PHP, Javascript, Python, MySQL

Payment Gateways and Processors

Stripe, Authorize.net, PayPal


HTML5, CSS3 with SASS, Mobile-First Design Methodology

Hosting and Cloud Providers

Amazon Web Services, GoDaddy, HostGator, Network Solutions

Things I'm Interested In and Learning About

Open Data, Natural Language Processing, Chatbots, Machine Learning

Client Testimonials

I was fortunate to have been given a great referral to work with Jason of Wilkinson Electronic Publishing. My requirements were to work with a company who understood technical based businesses and subject matter such as commercial construction, design and engineering as well as a company who would allow my input and involvement throughout the process. Jason understood my vision and subject matter and easily transferred the content into a presentable format that is simple to use and great to view. Jason was very competitively priced and met my schedule milestones, completing the site within the time frame I required. Thank you Jason for a great job!

Marc C. Gagnon — Landmarc Construction

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Design and Photography Samples

I Offer Not Only Technical Acumen But Artistic Ability, Too. Here Are A Few Things I Created.


Print and Branding Materials

Photoshop & Illustrator Examples

Need Another Reason To Consider Me?

I'm inspired, I'm happy and I love my life

In June of 2014, I sold all my stuff and moved to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico with my wife and two teenage daughters.

Here are a few pieces I'm writing about our experiences as well as some thoughts about running a business as a digital nomad and other things that interest me.

Posts Coming Soon